Makita PF0300 Electric Submersible Pump 300W 140L (240V)

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Product Overview


  • Clean water up to 5 mm particle size
  • Comfortable transportation with solid and ergonomically formed handle
  • Double gasket with oil depot in between ensures a long life period of the engine unit
  • Rigid plastic housing
  • Automatic shutoff with adjustable float lever
  • Suitable for emptying flooded rooms or tanks, draining clean water, irrigation of orchards and gardens
  • Useful for rain water barrels and casks, garden irrigation, trenches, flood water, cess pits, reservoirs, ponds, swimming pools and cellars


  • Max delivery 140 litres/min
  • Max head 7m
  • Submersion depth 5m
  • Max solids diameter 5mm
  • Min. Suction level 20mm
  • Input wattage 300w
  • Net weight 4.23kg